What's a Bernie?!

Once upon a time there was a proud German named Bernie, who befriended our beloved JJ. Bernie loved his gold tequila and he had a special way of drinking it. Bernie drank his tequila shot with a fresh slice of orange with cinnamon sugar on top. What Bernie loved even more than his tequila shots, was sharing them with anyone around him (most times even if they didn't want to partake). Bernie would raise his orange in the air to toast, bumping the fruit slices pinched between his new and old friend's fingers. Then licking off the cinnamon sugar, throwing back the tequila and finishing it off with a long suck of the orange. This tradition has been passed on to the loyal patrons of JJ's and La Puerta. So next time you're in JJ's, turn to the person next to you and ask, "want a bernie?" You might be lucky enough to hear, "what's a bernie?!"

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10961 N. Hwy 42

Sister Bay, WI


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